TAPIF Tips, Lecteur Lessons

Bonjour! I try to update these posts with relevant information a couple of times per year. If you see anything that is incorrect, or needs to be updated, or is worth adding in, please feel free to let me know!

Initial Preparations

My Two Cents on Packing

How to Find Housing

How to Set Up Your Cell Phone

How to Open Your Bank Account

Everything You Need to Know About The French Healthcare System

Setting Up and Closing Utilities (Les Charges)

How to Survive Your OFII Appointment

How to Get a Second Job

How to Move

How to Apply for CAF

Advice on Repaying Student Loans

How to Get a Pass Éducation

City Bikes (Lille)- A Great Way to Lower Your Budget!

What to Do When Your Papers are Stolen

How to Conquer Homesickness

So, You Want to be a Lecteur/Lectrice?

How to Stay in France (Legally) Post-TAPIF

How to Increase Your Chances of Being Hired for a Lecteur/Lectrice Position

How to Get A Job at an International School

Everything You Need to Know About the French Baccalauréat

The English Baccalauréat Exam

How to File American/French Taxes

All You Need to Know About the Taxe d’Habitation

What do you do as a Lecteur and How Does it Differ From Being an Assistant?

Final Closing Tasks Before Leaving France

Buying a Bike and other necessary items

How to Save Money on Lodging While Traveling

How to Save Money on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

How to Stay in Shape/Not Gain Weight

The Diva Cup: Traveling While Menstruating

How to Go Skiing

How to Get Your Haircut

How to Vote Absentee While Living Overseas

How to Adjust Your Wardrobe for a Trip to the Middle East/North Africa

My Favorite Spots in Toulon (For Toulon Assistants)

25 Tips for Future TAPIFers

10 Reasons to do TAPIF

TAPIF Pre-Departure Chaos: Your Questions Answered!

5 thoughts on “TAPIF Tips, Lecteur Lessons

  1. Hi Dana, thank you for posting the link to this blog on the 2014/15 Assistants’ page. I’ve been reading through some of these pages and it’s been helpful! I have also been posted to Toulon 🙂

    1. Awe yay! So glad it’s been helpful for you! I had a really good year in Toulon- lemme know if you have questions on specifics within the city itself 🙂

      1. One question has come to mind- I emailed the directrice of my school, EE PU Jean Jaures 1, in Cuers. She seems very helpful, and said she’d look into the classifieds for me. She suggested living in Cuers, which seems to be about 30m by bus from Toulon. I think I’d prefer to live in Toulon. Do you know if anyone worked in Cuers last year and what they might have done for living and getting around?

      2. I don’t actually know who specifically worked in Cuers, but I’m sure it’s possible to commute from Toulon! Check out “Reseau Mistral” (just google it) and also my post about saving money on transportation to look at the regional buses see if there’s a bus or train there… Maybe try joining last year’s fb page and see if anyone worked there.

        I’d definitely recommend toulon over a small town because otherwise it’s REALLY isolating and the buses do not run late :-/

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