Wambrechies: A Hidden Gem in the North of France

In an attempt to get back into shape, I’ve taken up the habit of running 10K’s on Sundays with my colleagues. Lille’s Citadel is filled with various paths and routes, especially along the canal. Recently, my colleagues led me further down the Deûle River than I had ever ventured before, to the town of Wambrechies. The thing that (unashamedly) appealed to me the most about … Continue reading Wambrechies: A Hidden Gem in the North of France

An Itinerary for the “Perfect Weekend in Lille”

Since moving to Lille a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve been blessed with my fair share of visitors! Lille is extremely centrally located in Europe, making it a perfect stop-off point between London, Paris, Amsterdam, and most of Belgium. There was Abby (June 2015), Mom & Dad (July-August 2015), Shelly & Stacy & Jess & Mayumi (August 2015), J0 (September AND December 2015), Laura (October 2015), Claire (October 2015), Laith … Continue reading An Itinerary for the “Perfect Weekend in Lille”

Lille Braderie & 10K Run!

Every year during the first weekend of September, Lille is home to Europe’s largest flea market, La Braderie de Lille. People come from all corners of the continent to explore and experience this cultural event, including over 10,000 vendors and several million attendees. For three days, the city is completely transformed. Overall, the ambiance in Lille is simply awesome. The streets are packed with people selling and … Continue reading Lille Braderie & 10K Run!

L’Hybride in Lille

The French do not really celebrate Halloween, as All Saints Day on November 1st is the recognized holiday in France. Coming back from an awesome yet exhausting trip from Poland, a group of past and present lecteurs decided to shake things and do something a little different, and definitely unique, for the holiday (and kindly invited me to join them!) L‘Hybride is an independent film … Continue reading L’Hybride in Lille

Lille, France: Chez Les Ch’tis

Lille and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, aka Le Nord, has a sort of negative reputation in France. The best way to describe how the south of France views the north of France is similar to how the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States view the deep south. Lille area also has a reputation for being cold and rainy most of the year, and its … Continue reading Lille, France: Chez Les Ch’tis