I turned 29 in March, and as I approach the last year of a decade, I cannot help but to look back on what a tumultuous nine years the twenties have been. I remember being so self-conscious I literally just wanted to melt into the walls of high school or college. Now, I realize that this calmness within me is literally me just being pretty … Continue reading 29

Looking Back on 2018

Overall, 2018 was an interesting (but solid!) year. In regards to travel, I went to three new countries (Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore), and revisited favorite past destinations (Edinburgh, London, Paris, Bruges, Brussels), in addition to discovering new corners of previously visited countries (Northern England, The Scottish Highlands, Ibiza!) Even better, I had different sets of visitors all through the year, and got to spend Christmas back in … Continue reading Looking Back on 2018


Hi. It’s been awhile. It’s become pretty clear to many that I’ve let this space of mine slide further and further off of my radar for the past year-and-a-half or so. I didn’t want to admit it– not to myself, not to my followers, not to anyone; but it’s time to face reality. I’ve let this blog slowly collect the occasional comments and traffic without … Continue reading Burnout.

When Domestic Terrorism Feels Too Real

It was after midnight. We were finishing (a semi-late) dinner at an outside tapas restaurant in San Antonio, Ibiza. It was mid-August– high tourist season, although our neighborhood was still quiet. There were a few people around us, enjoying similar meals at surrounding tables. We were sitting there, sipping our sangria, trying to convince each other that we both wanted to go to the night … Continue reading When Domestic Terrorism Feels Too Real

Life Recap: June + July 2018

I originally started blogging in order to create a helpful and informative TAPIF blog as well as to record my travels during my “Year in France”. However, as time has passed on, the style and purpose of my blog has shifted. I have also realized that I simply like having a dedicated space where records of my life have been documented over the past few … Continue reading Life Recap: June + July 2018

2018: What’s Past, and What’s to Come.

Perseverance. I’ve been toying with finding one word–  the right word– to best describe my 2017. As a teacher, I sometimes have the tendency to start my “new year” in September, but looking back, I realize that literally SO MUCH happened over the last 365 days, both on a personal and worldwide level.. Last year, I rang in 2017 with two of my oldest and … Continue reading 2018: What’s Past, and What’s to Come.

November: Life Updates from Dana

Having only posted three times since August, I’ve been noticeably absent from the blogging world. This absence didn’t start off as intentional– coming back from a month-long stay in the USA to jumping right back into a new school year had taken its toll on me, and there was also a lot (A LOT) of things going on behind the scenes in my personal life. … Continue reading November: Life Updates from Dana