Pour Catherine

Je crois que, dans les dix(!) ans d’écriture sur ce blog, ce poste-ci est le premier que j’écris en français, malgré le fait que j’habite en France plus ou moins depuis 2013. Mais ce poste, il est différent. Ce poste est un hommage, pour la dame qui se fût occupée de moi, qui m’eut accueillie– bras ouverts, chez elle, sans hesitation et jamais sans rien … Continue reading Pour Catherine

5 Years Later– A Reflection on my Study Abroad in Normandy

Dana, 19 ans, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, le 22 janvier 2010. Don’t mind the bangs. Five years ago today, I arrived in Paris. Little did I know that my journey through Normandy would have shaped the course of my twenties to where I am in life today. Without a doubt in my mind, studying abroad in France was absolutely THE best decision I made during my … Continue reading 5 Years Later– A Reflection on my Study Abroad in Normandy

La Vie Quotidienne à Caen (Everyday Life in Caen)

During my visit to Caen, I didn’t really have a lot of time (or energy) to play tourist. I lived in Caen for a semester three years ago, and although I really hope to get back to Etretat and Honfleur as well as the D-Day Beaches/American cemetery, I’ll have to save that for another visit (perhaps this spring!?) This visit was more about just hanging … Continue reading La Vie Quotidienne à Caen (Everyday Life in Caen)

Paris Entry Tour and Homestay

Bonjour tout le monde!! Greetings from France! I have been away from internet for about a week; I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed that. It was quite nice to just be unaffiliated from the world for a while and enjoy Paris. Additionally I am sorry for such a late update; I haven’t had an ounce of time. It’s been super crazy but … Continue reading Paris Entry Tour and Homestay