Bruges, Belgium

A medieval city known for its cobblestone streets, winding canals, and stunning Flemish architecture, the city of Bruges was once a chief city of major economic importance. Today, it is one of Belgium’s most-visited cities, and for good reasons. Being only 45 minutes from Lille, I had the chance to go twice this summer, both times with different groups of friends, including Shannon! Here are some of … Continue reading Bruges, Belgium

Liège, Belgium

Known as the most francophile place in Belgium, Liège is conveniently situated on the Meuse River, linking crossroads to Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne. Liège gave the impression of being very “south-meets-north” and “old-meets-new.” Although a bit rustic due to its history and involvement with coal mining, Liège is also home to the largest and oldest Christmas Market in Belgium. The market includes approximately 200 chalets, selling everything from ornaments, to gastronomic … Continue reading Liège, Belgium

A Brisk 24-hours in Brussels, Belgium

Living only 20 minutes from the Belgian border, I am stoked about being able to take advantage of day-trips to various cities in Belgium. I had an entire weekend free, so I decided to venture solo to the Capital of Europe–Brussels, and officially check off Belgium as my 16th visited country. The cheapest way to get to Belgium from Valenciennes is to take the city … Continue reading A Brisk 24-hours in Brussels, Belgium