Kraków, Poland

Most people don’t think of Poland when they think of the ultimate European vacation. However, I believe Krakow has plenty to offer, and is definitely a city everyone should see and experience at least once in their lives. With the extremely affordable accommodation options, happening night life, copious amounts of cheap vodka, and plenty of diverse history at your fingertips, Krakow is a perfect destination … Continue reading Kraków, Poland

Auschwitz: “Work Will Set You Free”

Trigger Warning: This post describes graphic details of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. Work will set you free. These are the words written upon the entrance sign as you enter Auschwitz I. These are the same words of hope and positivity that more than one million people read and believed after having been stripped their basic civil liberties, to then being forced from their homes to various … Continue reading Auschwitz: “Work Will Set You Free”