A Day in Keukenhof

When people think of spring flowers, tulips are some of the first to come to mind. Tulips are pretty, simple, and come in a wide array of colors. The only downside is their  extremely short lifespan! Perhaps one of the world’s most known flower gardens is Keukenhof. Located in The Netherlands, Keukenhof is known as the Garden of Europe, and contains more than 7 million bulbs with over 800 … Continue reading A Day in Keukenhof

The Best of 2015 International Traditions: Thanksgiving, Dutch Sinterklaas, and French Christmas

Since moving to France almost three years ago, I have lived with two Brits, three Americans, four French people, a Spaniard, a Czech, a Sicilian, a German, and a Dutchwoman. Besides feeling like I’m living my very own version of Auberge Espagnole, the best thing about living in internationally diverse settings is having the chance to intimately get to know, understand, and experience other cultures and customs. … Continue reading The Best of 2015 International Traditions: Thanksgiving, Dutch Sinterklaas, and French Christmas

Den Haag, The Netherlands

Den Haag Main Square Known as The Hague in English, the Netherland’s capital city of Den Haag is only a 30 minute subway ride away from Rotterdam.   The Binnenhof- House of Dutch Parliament Located on the western coast off the North Sea, it is home to the Dutch parliament and Noodeinde Palace– workplace to the King. In Den Haag, one will also find the U.N.’s International … Continue reading Den Haag, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Not at all like Amsterdam

It is no secret that I love the Netherlands– with its adherent bike culture, progressive laws and policies, and overall genuinely kind people, I welcomed the opportunity to discover a new city: Rotterdam! Situated only three hours via any budget bus from Lille, Rotterdam is the largest cargo port city in Europe (and the tenth largest in the world!) Even better, my former Scottish roommate … Continue reading Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Not at all like Amsterdam

A Weekend in Amsterdam, Holland

The city of Amsterdam is known for many things, including its picturesque canals, colorful tulips, enthralling history, and legality of soft drugs and prostitution, among countless others. Its unique charm and ability to be both a center for business as well as culture make it a “can’t miss” stop in Europe. In my opinion, Amsterdam is a perfect weekend destination from northern France. With only a 3-hour … Continue reading A Weekend in Amsterdam, Holland

Euro Is Beautiful!

Voilà European currency, aka the Euro, aka EUR, aka €. Isn’t it beautiful!? I exchanged a bit of currency in downtown Milwaukee before I left, and I was lucky to get some of every bill! (My amazing grandmother also gave me some of her extra change!) A bit about the Euro: they are different sizes depending on the bills in order to cater to the … Continue reading Euro Is Beautiful!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This past weekend we had a three-day weekend, and alas made it a girl’s weekend in Amsterdam. We arrived in Amsterdam around 10:30 PM in the rain. We decided to buy a 3-day metro pass, which turned out to be an excellent decision. The metro system in Amsterdam is crazy difficult. Not to mention this was my first time visiting a country where I do not know … Continue reading Amsterdam, Netherlands