“Take the Sourest Lemon that Life has to offer, and Turn it into Something Resembling Lemonade.”

When I started blogging consistently four years ago, I promised myself that I would not become one of those (well-intended) TAPIF blogs that starts off really strong, and then tapers off somewhere after Christmas. I wanted to create the blog that hadn’t yet existed- an ordinary TAPIFer who gave valuable information about bureaucracy, teaching, traveling, everyday insight into life in France, and was there until … Continue reading “Take the Sourest Lemon that Life has to offer, and Turn it into Something Resembling Lemonade.”

2017- A New Year.

Although this is the second consecutive year that I‘ve decided not to make any concrete New Year’s Resolutions, I came back to France from the USA knowing that I needed to take better care of myself. I realize I do not remember much of anything about September-November of this past year; I was completely and utterly overwhelmed and knee-deep in work, trying to figure out … Continue reading 2017- A New Year.

An Itinerary for the “Perfect Weekend in Lille”

Since moving to Lille a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve been blessed with my fair share of visitors! Lille is extremely centrally located in Europe, making it a perfect stop-off point between London, Paris, Amsterdam, and most of Belgium. There was Abby (June 2015), Mom & Dad (July-August 2015), Shelly & Stacy & Jess & Mayumi (August 2015), J0 (September AND December 2015), Laura (October 2015), Claire (October 2015), Laith … Continue reading An Itinerary for the “Perfect Weekend in Lille”

Notes On What’s Coming Next.

This past school year, in a nutshell, was a very difficult one. Sure, I loved my job and I loved living in Lille; I traveled and visited friends and in return had a ton of visitors. But I was still quite sad a lot the time– I was (am?) dealing with death and heartbreak and loss and grief and the overall stress about what to do and where … Continue reading Notes On What’s Coming Next.

City Bikes-A Great Way to Lower Your Budget

I am a HUGE advocate of city bikes. In fact, the concept of bike sharing has become pretty widely accepted both stateside and abroad, with bike sharing systems in place in more than 600 cities worldwide. Truth be told, despite the amount of traveling I do, I tend to live a very modest lifestyle. And, the best penny-pinching strategy I use is using the City Bikes, V’Lille, as … Continue reading City Bikes-A Great Way to Lower Your Budget

We’re Hiring!

*Update- the post is now filled* Dear Readers, The time has officially come (sniff sniff): my two-year lectrice contract is coming to an end, and we are currently recruiting for a new person to take over the position for next year. If you are interested, please read the job ad below and apply! Good luck to all, and happy spring break! ENSIAMEOffredemploi- Bisous, Dana Continue reading We’re Hiring!