Escaping the Crowds in Cinque Terre

There’s no denying that Italy’s best-kept secret is out (Thanks, Rick Steves). After spending a meager 1.5 days in Cinque Terre back in 2014, I knew it was not enough time, and desperately wanted to go back. Luckily, one of my friends/colleagues was right on board, and we spontaneously booked tickets to the five villages via Pisa during one of our long weekends towards the end of … Continue reading Escaping the Crowds in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italia

If I’m learning one thing about myself, it’s that I don’t hate the countryside as much as I thought. I love visiting great big cities, and I love living in cities, but sometimes a vacation in the countryside is just what I need. I also love doing active activities and sports during my travels, whether that be renting bikes in Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Versailles, going … Continue reading Cinque Terre, Italia

Firenze, Italia

After conquering Rome and Pompeii, Erin and I hopped on a train north to Florence. Firenze is the capital city and most populated city of Tuscany? It is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. It has such a different vibe and atmosphere than Roma. It is a smaller town, and although still attracts plenty of tourists, was a bit of fresh air. Our hostel, Academy Hostel, was … Continue reading Firenze, Italia