Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany

I love the European Christmas markets. It’s something that doesn’t really exist in the United States, but it really does help get one into the holiday spirit! I am so lucky to have experienced different markets in France, Belgium, and England, but I had yet to see the wondrous and raved-about markets in Germany. So, when a day trip to Cologne in December was offered with Cice … Continue reading Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany

Gritty, Artsy, Beautiful Berlin

I never really thought about visiting Berlin until this past year, when the idea of it seemed to just keep popping up everywhere.  I found myself reading several travel blogs and having multiple friends simply rave about the city, with its affordability, its fascinating history, and its raging nightlife. So, when an 10 euro ROUND-TRIP flight from Brussels caught my attention, I just couldn’t say no. … Continue reading Gritty, Artsy, Beautiful Berlin

Oktoberfest 2015- Prost!

Although I have been living in Europe for almost three years, it took me until this past September to (Finally!) make it to Germany for the first time. And to be honest, I’m not sure what took me so long! Thankfully, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the country– Oktoberfest in Munich! When a friend invited everyone to stay in his late uncle’s vacant … Continue reading Oktoberfest 2015- Prost!