An Itinerary for the “Perfect Weekend in Lille”

Since moving to Lille a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve been blessed with my fair share of visitors! Lille is extremely centrally located in Europe, making it a perfect stop-off point between London, Paris, Amsterdam, and most of Belgium. There was Abby (June 2015), Mom & Dad (July-August 2015), Shelly & Stacy & Jess & Mayumi (August 2015), J0 (September AND December 2015), Laura (October 2015), Claire (October 2015), Laith … Continue reading An Itinerary for the “Perfect Weekend in Lille”

A Very Expat Thanksgiving

“Happy Thanksgiving!” my American friend and I happily exclaimed to each other on the streets of Northern France this past Sunday, as we arrived with a Kiwi and two French people in tow. As we entered the hosting house, I couldn’t help but both smile and appreciate the numerous chains of American flags my friend had hung throughout the hallways and living room in the spirit of … Continue reading A Very Expat Thanksgiving

A Brisk 24-hours in Brussels, Belgium

Living only 20 minutes from the Belgian border, I am stoked about being able to take advantage of day-trips to various cities in Belgium. I had an entire weekend free, so I decided to venture solo to the Capital of Europe–Brussels, and officially check off Belgium as my 16th visited country. The cheapest way to get to Belgium from Valenciennes is to take the city … Continue reading A Brisk 24-hours in Brussels, Belgium