Top 10 Things I miss about Japan

This time last year I was in Japan– teaching English, staying with host families, traveling, making new friends, and experiencing new things everyday. The fact that it’s been an entire YEAR is just completely surreal. I miss Japan so much, that I have decided to make a top ten list of things I miss most about this beautiful country. 1. My friends (and the Japanese … Continue reading Top 10 Things I miss about Japan

Second Japanese Host Family Stay

My second home stay was overall a fantastic experience. After coming back to Fukuoka by bus from Nagasaki, we all met in Hakata Station to regroup and disperse to our families. My host family this time consisted of a couple who were around the same age of my parents. They did not have any children, and my host father worked for JTB Kyushu and was … Continue reading Second Japanese Host Family Stay

Japanese Photo Booths

Photo booths in the U.S. are nothing like the ones in Japan. They are so AWESOME here! My host sister Akane introduced me to the Japanese photo booths and it was so much fun! You get to take photos with multiple backgrounds, and then you get to draw, add accessories, add writing, customize the size and make them unique. I’m pretty sure we spent at … Continue reading Japanese Photo Booths