Looking Back on 2018

Overall, 2018 was an interesting (but solid!) year.

In regards to travel, I went to three new countries (Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore), and revisited favorite past destinations (Edinburgh, London, Paris, Bruges, Brussels), in addition to discovering new corners of previously visited countries (Northern England, The Scottish Highlands, Ibiza!) Even better, I had different sets of visitors all through the year, and got to spend Christmas back in Wisconsin.


After 17 months of waiting, I finally saw Hamilton in London!


I re-joined the gym, signed up for an improv group, adopted a vegetarian diet, and prioritized educating myself on how I can decrease my carbon footprint and better eliminate personal plastic use. I also listened to more podcasts.

At work, I became a homeroom teacher (Form Tutor / Prof Principale) this new school year, which was a nice promotion. I can feel my confidence and abilities getting better and better.

In 2018, I really began to prioritize my physical and mental health, through exercise, therapy, and maintaining an overall simpler lifestyle. I invested in decorating my flat, and learned hard but necessary lessons about the importance of putting myself first and investing in friendships that matter and are reciprocal.


I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked (but I did read some good ones), I didn’t save as much money as I would have liked, but hey, there’s always next year- there’s always room for continuous growth and improvement.

As per tradition, I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions. I firmly believe that meaningful change is continuous and ever growing– it knows no limit or time frame.

In 2019, I just hope to just continue. Continue learning. Continue growing. Continue trying new things, even when I’m afraid. Continue healthier habits. Continue reading. Continue making connections. Continue to better myself, both personally and professionally, and to be the best version of myself that I can be. I think that’s all we can ever ask of anyone.

I have a few hopes for 2019, and the last year of my twenties, but I’d like to keep that to myself for the time being.


I wish all of you a wonderful, happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019.



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