How to Spend a Sunny Day in London

I spent a portion of my spring break in London over a long weekend, both to see my friends and to see Hamilton— it was just a bonus that the weather was absolutely gorgeous. With that being said, I wanted to spend the majority of my time outside, and experience the best of London in the sun.

Canal Walks

On the Friday after Hamilton, I spent the day walking along Regent’s Canal. After packing up a book, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a bottle of water, I took the northern line up to Little Venice, and then walked the two-mile route to Camden Town. This part of London is absolutely gorgeous– there are plenty of boats, gardens, and massive houses to admire along the way. Even better, it was a weekday, so it was rather quiet, and I was able to plop down and read for a bit along the way.

The beginning of Little Venice

Views from Regent’s Canal on the route from Little Venice to Camden.


Arriving at Camden…

#TBT to Camden Town in February 2016 and July 2015!

Greenwich + Primrose Hill

After having spent one afternoon two years ago picnicking at Primrose Hill, it was a pleasure to venture on foot to Blackheath and then onwards to Greenwich– the views are totally stunning, and I am so glad I got to come back and see it in all its spring glory (I had previously come this past winter!)


View of London from Greenwich- you can even see the Shard and the London Eye to the left!



#TBT to Greenwich in December 2017


#TBT to an afternoon at Primrose Hill

Pubs + Rooftop Bars

I mean, this goes without saying, but grabbing a pint (or several!) after work at the local pub is such a part of British culture and I love it. It’s even better amongst good friends and in good weather. We stuck to the South Bank, which is one of my favorite walks and views of London (although I highly recommend rooftop bars if you have the chance!)


Southbank- May 201831946579_10211532376737437_1936733627169636352_n.jpg

Southbank- May 2018

#TBT to rooftop bars and Southbank banter in August 2016

The best way to end the weekend is on the couch with chocolate and wine with your Toulon friends, having gotten a bit of sun!


What are your favorite ways to spend sunny days in London?



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