Wambrechies: A Hidden Gem in the North of France

In an attempt to get back into shape, I’ve taken up the habit of running 10K’s on Sundays with my colleagues. Lille’s Citadel is filled with various paths and routes, especially along the canal. Recently, my colleagues led me further down the Deûle River than I had ever ventured before, to the town of Wambrechies.



The thing that (unashamedly) appealed to me the most about Wambrechies was of course the various boat bars. I knew this would be the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon, so I convinced my friends Leah and Rashida to come check it out with me.

We took a city bike from Lille to La Madeleine, a suburb just north of Lille, but still along the canal. From there, we walked the rest of the way to Wambrechies, in about 45 minutes.

Side note** Little did we know, is that there is also a boat which goes directly to Wambrechies from Lille once per month, for as little as 6 euros for one way. The company is ISNOR boats.



Of course, the first thing we did was splurge on some sangria at the Boat Bar.

Afterwards, we meandered through the town’s charming market and admired the beautiful architecture.



One of Lille’s hidden touristic gems is the Tramway Touristique or the Touristic Tramway. A twentieth-century style tram (which reminded me so much of the iconic trams in Lisbon) travel the 3 km from to Wambrechies to Marquette. For 5€ you can ride it round trip. Don’t forget to stop at the gift shop! We rode the tram both for the experience as well as to cut off our walking distance.

If you are looking for a unique way to spend your Sunday in Lille, I recommend an excursion to Wambrechies. You can also visit Wambrechies’s gin distillery and take a tour.

Have you ever discovered a hidden treasure right in  your own backyard?



7 thoughts on “Wambrechies: A Hidden Gem in the North of France

  1. This looks like a beautiful little spot – the boat bars remind me of those along the Rhône in Lyon. The “tramway touristique” looks like a great way to round off a day out to Wambrechies 🙂 It’s always nice to discover gems in your own backyard, as it reminds you that there’s plenty to see close to home as well. My backyard gem would be Knutsford – it’s your typical, quaint English village/ town, with tons of independent coffee shops and a sprawling country estate right next to it. Being up north has probably saved it from being crowded by hordes of tourists!

    1. Ahh the English countryside sounds lovely!! I’ve explored quite a bit of the UK but I tend to stick to the cities— Brighton, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cardiff… the best I’ve probably done is Sunderland and Swansea?? I’ve also spent time with my friends in Leighton Buzzard and Henley-on-Thames, but they’re also so close to London. I need to get myself somewhere proper like Knustford. It sounds lovely – and tourist free!! 😀 x

      1. I’ve never been to Sunderland, Swansea or Cardiff – sometimes I think visitors to the UK have seen more of it than I have! That said, I suppose my knowledge of the UK is concentrated in the areas I’ve lived in/ have family in, so I know a few areas pretty well and others not at all! Northern England (and Wales, for that matter) is home to some really lovely little towns and villages – I need to feature more of them on my blog at some point! x

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