Zaragoza, Spain

I hadn’t even heard of Zaragoza before my friend Megan moved there, but it is actually Spain’s fifth largest city, the capital of Spain’s Aragon region, and conveniently place between Bilbao, Barcelona, and Madrid. Although my days were mostly leisurely, I did enjoy going out to enjoy the city’s highlights.

Basilica of Our Lady the Pillar

Zaragoza’s most iconic monument is definitely the Basilica of Our Lady the Pillar. It is huge, it is gorgeous, and it is iconic. In fact, is it reputable as the first church in history to bless the Virgin Mary.


Aljafería Palace

The Aljafería Palace is a medieval Islamic palace which was built in the 11th century. Its architecture is stunning and it is definitely worth a visit.

Other aspects about Zaragoza I highly enjoyed were the presence of street art and Roman ruins throughout the center.


One thing I particularly enjoyed about Zaragoza was just how livable it is. It wasn’t as overrun by tourists like Barcelona– it’s more “real Spain.”

Have you ever been to Zaragoza?



6 thoughts on “Zaragoza, Spain

  1. I knew of Zaragoza because my parents had a conference there a few years ago. I don’t know much about it but was under the impression it was a jumping off point for visiting the Pyrenees–I could be totally wrong about that. The palace looks stunning.

    1. It’s definitely a lovely place to spend a few days! I was battling a cold and exhaustion, I think in other situations I would have been a bit more adventurous! 🙂

  2. Never beem to Zaragoza, but looks amazing! I’m actually currently in Spain for the holidays and although I won’t be doing Zaragoza, I’d like to return to Spain to visit it, along with other cities (e.g. Salamanca, Malaga). Glad you enjoyed!

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