Saint Omer- Boating in the Marais Audomarois

The Marais Audomarois is a biosphere reserve in the north of France. Made up of marshes and wetlands, it covers 22,300 hectares, and is home to many different kinds of waterbirds and endangered species. Today, it is one of two remaining wetland floating gardens in France, and visitors come to explore the area by boat.

One hot and sunny July afternoon, a group of us rented a car and trekked an hour north to Saint Omer to check it out. We were able to rent a four person boat for 25€ for two hours, grab a free map of popular marsh routes, and were on our way.

I had a great afternoon exploring with these guys. Plus, when you return the boat, you can indulge in beer and ice cream!

Have you ever boated around a region?



8 thoughts on “Saint Omer- Boating in the Marais Audomarois

  1. Blast from the past, I did this with a school group back when I used to work near there. Probably paired with a visit to La Coupole, if you’re ever looking for other things to do near St Omer 🙂

  2. We live right on the edge of the Marais de Brouage here in SW FRance. There is no organised tourism and people are not allowed to kayak in the canals. But to walk there, without a soul in sight, the wildlife and the bird life is magical.

    1. That sounds magical! Here in the north it is no way overrun with tourists– mostly locals, but it’s still something different to do in the hot summer sun!

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