A Road Trip Around the Emerald Isle

This past May, my cousin came to visit for a few weeks from the US, and we decided to take one of the many long weekends in May to take a road trop around the Emerald Isle. This was my first trip to Ireland, and it did not rain even once! The weather was perfect, and we covered a lot of ground in just 4.5 days (Ireland is tiny!). We started and ended in Dublin, working our way south and then southwest towards the Ring Road of Kerry, before heading back up north to the Cliffs of Moor and Galway, and then back to Dublin. I highly enjoyed exploring Ireland by car– here are the highlights from our trip!


Day 1- Kilkenny

From Dublin, we worked our way south to Kilkenny. We stopped for a few hours to have lunch and walk around the Kilkenny Castle. We also explored the cemetery and climbed the tower adjoined with the famous Celtic-style Kilkenny Cathedral.

Day 1- Kinsale:

From there, we worked our way south to Kinsale, a tiny but beautiful seaside town. My favorite part of Kinsale was admiring the colorful buildings and indulging in chowder. Our journey to Killarney was a bit tense with the combination of tiny roads, driving on the left, and fatigue.

Day 2- Killarney

Rita and I spent the better part of the day exploring Killarney National Park. We were able to do most of the highlights, including Muckross House, Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle, Torc Waterfall, and of course the Lakes of Killarney

Day 2- Cliffs of Moor

After stopping for a late lunch in Limerick, we continued our journey to the Cliffs of Moor, which was absolutely beautiful! We spent a few hours admiring the views and hiking around the various cliffs. It was towards the end of the day, so the crowds were a bit more sparse!

Day 3- Galway

We spent the night in Galway, and indulged in traditional Irish music at various downtown pubs. The next day, we slept in, and had an amazing Irish breakfast before exploring more of the town. As it was Saturday and sunny, all the shops were open and people were out and about, enjoying the wonderful weather.

Day 4- Dublin

We spent our last day in Dublin. Upon arriving from Galway, we parked our car outside of our AirBnb and headed directly to Temple Bar, where I met up with an old friend from Waukesha. The following day, we enjoyed a quick breakfast before heading directly to the Guinness Factory. The rest of the day was spent wandering and exploring the city- Dublin Castle, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and Trinity College, where I obviously saw the Book of Kells and the Trinity Library.

I highly enjoyed my first trip to Ireland.The Irish, as the stereotype goes, are as friendly as can be. Although I’m not sure I cannot ever count on having such luck with the weather in future trips!

Have you ever been to the Emerald Isle?



12 thoughts on “A Road Trip Around the Emerald Isle

  1. I don’t know why but for some reason Leo would like to go to Ireland I told him it is a long way from here and we would have to fly there but still he wants to go, not going to happen

  2. I’ve been to Ireland twice. You’re right that the Irish are as friendly as can be… the first time I went, I made a friend that I’ve stayed in touch with over the years, and the second time I went, he was gracious enough to let me stay at his place free of charge right in the city center of Dublin! I haven’t made it outside of the capital besides one afternoon trip to Howth, but your pictures are so beautiful that I’m tempted to buy a ticket and travel all around Ireland right now! Thanks for sharing, I love your travel posts!

  3. Ireland has been one of my favorite trips. Although you were super lucky with weather- when i went to the Cliffs of Moher, there was a wind warning that our tour ignored and I fell down the steps, dislocating my vertebrae!

  4. Ireland is my favorite country. I noticed you went a few months ago and have been waiting to see what you had to say about it! I’m glad you enjoyed it and got outside of Dublin to see the countryside. Looks like you were very efficient! I’ll have to check out Kilkenny and Kinsale some day—my one and only trip to Ireland lasted ten days but didn’t include those places. My favorite was Killarney and that whole southwestern region, but the Cliffs of Moher were pretty special too. I also had great weather and apparently the wind on the cliffs can be vicious so I was pretty happy about that. But my next trip there will probably be to Northern Ireland to see Belfast and County Antrim… I sincerely hope that Brexit doesn’t screw things up too much for them.

    1. I remember you saying Ireland is your favorite country! I agree it is so so beautiful! I want to go back and see Belfast as well as the Wicklow Mountains… Next time!

      You must have covered some serious ground- ten days is a lot for Ireland!

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