The Tall Trees of Paris: A Book Review

Although I am not by any means an art expert, I have always been intrigued by street art. In fact, discovering street art is one of my favorite parts of traveling, because there is never any promise or guarantee that the work will still be there the next time you come back. When I think of awesome street art discoveries, some of my favorite cities that come to mind specifically are Berlin, Lisbon, and Athens.

A mix of photos from Athens, Berlin, and Lisbon

However, one city that does not come to mind when I think of street art is Paris. So, when I received an email inquiry from the publicist of American Gallery owner Matt Wagner, who was releasing his new book featuring Parisian street artists, I was intrigued.

The Tall Trees of Paris, as well as the two previous Tall Trees books [Overcup Press] — The Tall Trees of Tokyo (2012) and The Tall Trees of Portland (2014), are about people. Wagner, who is the founder, owner, and curator of Hellio Gallery in Portland, is an expert in telling a city’s story through its art and their artists. He prefers to experience a city and appreciate art outside museum walls; The Tall Trees of Paris gives a fresh and authentic perspective to the ever changing art scene around the city.



Usually, street art is quite anonymous, so it can be difficult to determine the story and inspiration behind the artwork. What I loved about The Tall Trees of Paris was having the opportunity to really get to know each of the 42 artists on a more personal level. “Ultimately, the Tall Trees books are about people,” Wagner explains. And he’s right. The book is bilingual, with each chapter featuring a variety of the artists’ work as well as a questionnaire with questions regarding daily activities, favorite things about Paris, work, interests, and weekend plans, written in French and translated into English.

After reading about so many familiar neighborhoods and hangouts, I am extremely motivated to keeping a better eye out when I am in The City of Lights. I highly recommend The Tall Trees of Paris to any person who is curious about the stories behind the art work, or just wants to see Paris in a unique and intriguing way. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can do so at Overcup Press. Happy Reading!



*Disclaimer: I did receive a hardcover preview of The Tall Trees of Paris, but all opinions are my own.


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