A Day in Rouen

On my way back from my UK road trip to Oxford, Northern England, and Scotland, I spent the day in my friend’s hometown of Rouen, the biggest city in Haute-Normandie region.

I had previously visited Rouen once, for a day, back in 2007. The streets were just as charming as I remembered; I enjoyed strolling down the crooked, narrow pathways and drooling over the architecture.

Perhaps one of the most well known attractions in Rouen is the Cathedral. Originally built in 396, the finished, gothic-style version was completed in the 13th century. (Later, additional towers were added in the late 1800’s).

Claude Monet was frequently spotted with his canvases back in the day; his famous Rouen Cathedral paintings are now on display at Musée d’Orsay in Paris.


Joan of Arc (or Jeanne d’Arc in French) was also burnt at the stake in Rouen. You can see the cross on which she was burned on display in the main square.

Rouen’s pride and joy, however, lies within the Gros Horlage, or the Astronomic Clock. The clock has two faces– one displaying the sunshine, and the other the nighttime sky.


Have you ever been to Rouen?



6 thoughts on “A Day in Rouen

  1. I think I’ve told you this but my father is from Rouen and grew up there. My grandparents still live right next door in nearby Mont-Saint-Aignan as do other assorted relatives so I have been to Rouen a lot. I was there for the last time in February but I didn’t have time to go wander around downtown Rouen, I was just there for a quick visit to see my grandparents. I have many fond memories of visiting the city growing up.

  2. I worked in the académie de Rouen as an assistante! While I wasn’t in Rouen proper, I visited the coty countless times for teacher’s training and for fun. It’s a beautiful, charming little place.

  3. There are also some of Monet’s Rouen series at the National Gallery in DC!! I’ve never been, but really wanted to when I studied in Paris…seems like Rouen is ALWAYS cropping up in French and English literature!!

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