Fulfilling Harry Potter Fantasies in Oxford, UK

Back in February, I embarked on a road trip to northern England to visit former lecteur friends and colleagues. On our way up north, we made a pit stop in Oxford to visit our friend Andrew, who is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree (and soon a PhD!) at Oxford.

I visited Oxford once, briefly, last summer, on a Sunday. Visiting the city in February during the week is definitely a different feel- less tourists and less flowers but certainly still as charming. But I must say, I loved having my own personal tour guide, whose student card got us into most of the attractions on campus for free (as we were his “guests”.) As an unashamed Harry Potter fangirl, I had a great time seeing and experiencing all Harry Potter-related attractions, including the Bodleian Library, Christ Church, and the Great Hall.






They filmed the Harry Potter infirmary room here!



François and Andrew




The Famous Great Hall Harry Potter staircase inside Christ Church


The Great Hall!


Christ Church


Oxford really is something spectacular. Have you been?



2 thoughts on “Fulfilling Harry Potter Fantasies in Oxford, UK

  1. I loved strolling around Oxford when Hugo lived there. It was gorgeous in fall. We visited a lot of the same colleges, including the Great Harry Potter Hall! My favorite part was still the cream tea and the pub though 🙂

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