February Weekend Jaunt to London

My roommate and I have been taking advantage of the consistent Eurostar deals from Lille to London- 79 euros round trip (an absolute STEAL for the Eurostar) to visit our friends from previous lecteur years. This time around, we stayed with my Wisconsin friend and her partner in their amazing flat in Angel (North London) from Thursday until Sunday.

We spent most of Thursday afternoon in South Kensington—wandering the exceptionally empty Harrod’s, indulging in our packed lunches and people watching in Hyde Park, eating a biscuit at “Ben’s Cookies” near Oxford Street, and splurging on “Boris Bikes” (London’s city bike system) in order to take advantage of the sun and avoid the tube. I had a great time using Boris Bikes but following traffic rules on the other side of the road was especially trippy.

We enjoyed various Happy Hours, indulged in Indian cuisine and pub food, and enjoyed a great night out in China town.


During the day we got to do some exploring—Camden Town, Borough Market, and a free Harry Potter walking tour. (Yes, my inner geek did come out, multiple times.) However, my favorite part of the weekend was going to see Wicked on the West End- £29 with my “student card.”





Long story short, weekend jaunts to London are THE BEST. I’m lucky to be so close in distance, as well as have a solid group of friends. Could the British capital be in my near future? It sure feels that way.



9 thoughts on “February Weekend Jaunt to London

  1. Okay this is really weird, but I must have read your post just before going to sleep last night because I’m pretty sure I remember having a dream of reading a new post saying you had found your dream job and are moving to London and I was so so happy for you!! I had to check your blog when I woke up to see if it was a dream or not! Now the question is: Are my dreams prophetic?? Only time will tell 🙂

    I *loved* London for the 3 or 4 days I was there. What a vibrant and intense city! Glad you are able to visit and often!

  2. How great is being able to take a train!? Even from Lyon there are round-trip deals sometimes that are a total steal. I can’t get enough.

  3. If the British capital is in your future, I’m posting myself to you and never leaving. Just got back from London on March 17th. 2nd time there and it’s still one of my favourite places. Home just doesn’t compare!

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