We’re Hiring!

*Update- the post is now filled*

Dear Readers,

The time has officially come (sniff sniff): my two-year lectrice contract is coming to an end, and we are currently recruiting for a new person to take over the position for next year. If you are interested, please read the job ad below and apply! Good luck to all, and happy spring break!




5 thoughts on “We’re Hiring!

  1. Hi Dana,
    I’m just wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. I’m not sure how the education system works in the U.S. but I’m from England and would really like to work as a lectrice next year. In the UK a masters degree is always just one year, so I’m wondering if you’ve met any lecteur/lectrices who have not done a masters and still got the position? My bachelor degree is 4 years so I am wondering if French universities sometimes class this as M+1?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

    1. Hi! This is a common question now. Long story short, Yes I have. I don’t have a master’s degree and neither do most of my fellow lecteurs. In the USA a Bachelor’s Degree is 4 years- I also have a teaching certification which is what got me thru. So while it is possible to get a position without a master’s, it’s becoming more and more difficult. I say try anyways 🙂

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