Lille Braderie & 10K Run!

Every year during the first weekend of September, Lille is home to Europe’s largest flea market, La Braderie de Lille.

People come from all corners of the continent to explore and experience this cultural event, including over 10,000 vendors and several million attendees. For three days, the city is completely transformed.

Overall, the ambiance in Lille is simply awesome. The streets are packed with people selling and buying anything and everything. As the weekend goes on, the piles of mussels become higher and higher, as moules frites (mussels and fries) plus beer is the meal of choice.

The Braderie technically goes on all night from Saturday through Sunday, so there a ton of parties, dancing, and overall positive ambiance in the city! The only thing missing is an adequate number of available toilets!






This year, my roommate Paul and I decided to participate in the Braderie 10K, which takes place on Saturday morning! Since moving to Lille this past summer, I’ve taken up running and was able to finish the 10K in one hour and seven minutes. Now, I am training for the Paris 1/2 marathon come March 2016!






Celebratory beers for finishing the 10K!

Have you ever been to the Lille Braderie?



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