A Weekend in Amsterdam, Holland

The city of Amsterdam is known for many things, including its picturesque canals, colorful tulips, enthralling history, and legality of soft drugs and prostitution, among countless others. Its unique charm and ability to be both a center for business as well as culture make it a “can’t miss” stop in Europe. In my opinion, Amsterdam is a perfect weekend destination from northern France. With only a 3-hour journey, it’s easy to pop over Friday and return on Sunday, whether via bus, train, or co-voiturage, while not feeling too overwhelmed or rushed in the city.



Free Walking Tour

Like most major European cities, Amsterdam offers a 3x daily, three-hour free walking tour of the city. It is informative, funny, and a great introduction to the city.




Anne Frank House

If you have never been to the Anne Frank House, it is definitely not to be missed. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl living during World War II; her family was wanted by the Nazis, so they were all forced to go into hiding in the hidden house above her father’s factory. The family hid for several years during the war before they were discovered and sent to Auschwitz. During her time in hiding, Anne kept a diary of her thoughts and experiences. Unfortunately Anne died in Auschwitz just days before the camp was liberated, and the only person in her family to survive the war was her father, Otto. He decided to publish his daughter’s work into a book, The Diary of Anne Frank, which today is very well-known. The Anne Frank Haus was also featured in the film, The Fault in Our Stars.

If you would like to visit the Anne Frank Haus, please BOOK YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE ONLINE. We had to surf the website constantly for weeks before securing tickets. Otherwise you will be forced to wait for hours outside.



Let’s celebrate the progress of marriage equality!


The largest city park in Amsterdam, Vondelpark was right around the corner from our apartment. It is beautiful, with cafes, walking paths, fountains, and much more. It is very centrally located near the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum, and makes for a quick, relaxing walk away from the city.


My mom’s friend from Wisconsin, Stephanie, lives near Amsterdam!

Red Light District

Obviously, this is where the majority of the coffee shops and prostitutes are found. It is a very cool and unique atmosphere to experience while in the city! It is also beautifully intertwined with various canals, boats, and cobblestone alleyways.






The “Anonymity” of Prostitution  

 IMG_9899Awesome Condom Shop!


Amsterdam’s First Coffeeshop


Empowering and Protecting Prostitutes: LOVE.

Canal Ride

Taking a canal ride is a great way to see and experience the best of Amsterdam’s famous canals! There are boats and tours of various sizes and lengths available all over the city.







Indonesian Food

Indonesian food to the Dutch is like Mexican food to the Americans. There is just nothing better, and it is definitely a dish to taste while traveling in the Netherlands!


Van Gogh Museum

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, The Vincent Van Gogh museum contains the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings. The museum is worth at least a few hours of your time. The fact that Van Gogh accomplished so much in so little time makes his works even more fascinating.


What else do you love about Amsterdam?



7 thoughts on “A Weekend in Amsterdam, Holland

  1. I love those rainbow umbrellas, that condom shop with all the different sizes lined up cracks me up, and now I’m hungry for Indonesian food even though I’ve never had it and can’t properly crave it.

    1. omg the rainbow umbrellas are the best– 8 euros, HUGE, and super sturdy, perfect for the north but they are quite flashy! and YES you must try the Indonesian! i was quite apprehensive but I’d definitely do it again!

  2. I love Amsterdam and got to visit a few times while I lived in Nancy! But I still have yet to go on a canal boat tour! That’s a major to-do! 🙂 but yes, this post brings back lovely memories! 🙂

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