My “Good Things” Jar

So lately, I’ve been in a rut. A rotten, seemingly never-ending, rut. Too often this summer, (despite the amazing vacation I’ve been having) I’ve caught myself dwelling on the things I don’t have instead of the millions of things I do. And I’m really, really bad at vocally confronting and expressing my feelings. Like, really bad. So, I tend to just keep them all bottled up inside, set my iPod to a relevant playlist, and run outside until the anger or sadness subsides.

But, a few weeks ago, I told myself, “Enough is enough.” And then, I went out and bought a simple mason jar.


I’ve read a lot about Good Things Jar projects, especially from Christine. Essentially, the idea is simple: buy a jar and a bulk of colorful post-its, and then everyday for an entire year, write down the good things that happen to you. These “good things” can be as simple or complexed as you make them. For example, “Got stuck in the pouring rain with mom on the way home; we laughed the entire way back and were soaked!” to, “I just got La Prime from my French taxes! What a relief!” are some things I’ve written in mine.

Then, on New Year’s Eve, you are supposed to empty your jar and read / reminisce about all of the good and happy times you’ve had this year, and remember that life is genuinely good.

Beginning this project 8 months in to 2015, my Good Things Jar may be a bit meek come December 31st. But, better late than never, right?

Seeing the evidence of such joy in my life, I’ve began to feel better already.

Do you have a Good Things Jar (or have you thought of starting one?) I already can’t wait to read what I’ve written.



7 thoughts on “My “Good Things” Jar

  1. Hannah and I started doing this at New Years last year!! I’ll admit I haven’t been putting in post it notes very often this summer (little things like this have fallen by the wayside a bit, but I’m trying to start back up again). As the jar fills and fills I get even more excited to open it up next December and remember what a wonderful year it’s been. I hope it’s been helping you notice life’s little joys and lifts your spirits 🙂 bisous, Anne x

    1. It seems like a lot of people have started similar projects! I hope it does too 🙂

      I hope you’re doing well, Anne! Are you coming back to France this year?


      1. Ahhhh the question du jour…. After talking it out with basically everyone I know and taking a good hard look at my bank account, I think I’ve decided to stay home for this year and set my sights on going back for 2016-2017. I still haven’t cancelled my visa appointment yet though, so maybe in the next 8 days I’ll change my mind again!!! hahaha 🙂 xx

      2. Ohh yeah you never know! I remember my bank account was a big factor this time around…. I just did a lot of private lessons 🙂 can’t wait to see what you decide!

      3. Ohh yeah you never know! I remember my bank account was a big factor this time around…. I just did a lot of private lessons 🙂 can’t wait to see what you decide!

    2. Eeeeeek I need to catch up on my jar…I don’t think I’ve written anything since June! Hopefully this post can inspire me to pick it up again 🙂

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