Greece: Crete, You’re Captivating

Of all the Greek Islands, Crete is the largest and most populous. It is also the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, and Corsica. As the previous center of Minoan civilization, it was home to the earliest recorded civilization in the Western world. Crete is the only location to date where I was able to see snow, sun, mountains, and sea all at the same time– it is truly incredible place.


Our 2.5 days in Crete were wonderful, but again, not enough. I must admit, however, that Crete felt very authentically Greek. Although I overall preferred Santorini for its beauty and stunning scenery, I appreciated the abundant lack tourists in Rethymnon, as well as the amazing Greek hospitality and welcome we received during our time there. Our accommodation was very traditionally Greek, with a large, outdoor courtyard sporting clothes lines and outdoor seating, and of course separating the toilets/showers from the main sleeping quarters.




The Port

If you find yourself in Rethymnon, make sure you take a stroll around the port and relax on the beach– the city is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Crete.




The Fortress

The fortress in Rethymnon dates back to Venetian influences. With the mosques that still remain, visitors are reminded of Greece’s Turkish influence.




Plakias Road Trip

On our last day in Crete, a friend and I took a road trip from northern to southern Crete until we arrived in the town of Plakias. Basically, we crossed through the middle of one of the narrowest parts of the island, which is mountainous and very green! On our way, we also stopped at a monastery.




Preveli Monastery- in order to enter, I was required to put on a provided skirt at the door because my shorts were too short. 


Spectacular view from the Monastery


The town of Plakias


Thanks for a great road trip, Faith!

Crete is such a large, diverse place. I will be back one day to devote a much longer period to discovering the island.



3 thoughts on “Greece: Crete, You’re Captivating

  1. I adore Crete. Been there twice, both times on the western side near Chania. One of my best memories was a hike through the Samaria gorge. Challenging (for me, at least) but well worth it. Will be back for sure.

    1. I’m absolutely gutted to have missed hiking the Samaria gorge- didn’t do sufficient research! will have to go back to do again! but I”m glad I got a quick sample 🙂 Greece is so amazing, definitely one of my favorite countries!

      1. I am actually visiting Athens for the first time at the moment. Just a few days to see the sites then off for yoga on Kythnos 🙂

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