TAPIF Tip/Lecteur Lesson: Get Yo’self a “Pass Education”

Pass éducation : Gratuité des musées et monuments nationaux pour les enseignants

Although it’s not highly advertised, as employees of l’Éducation Nationale, assistants and lecteurs actually have the right to a Pass Éducation.


What is a Pass Education?
It is an ID card given to all employees of Education National who ask for it, and it gives you free access into all of France’s permanent collections in France’s national museums (this includes Versailles, Mont Saint Michel, Le Centre Pompidou, and many, many others!) as well as national monuments. ( FYI- If you are also an assistant or lecteur under 25, your visa equally gives you EU residency, which also grants you free access into many museums listed above, as you are considered jeune, but this is a great option for all assistants or lecteurs, especially those who are over the age of 26!)

«Lancé en avril 2009, le pass éducation permet à tous les enseignants en activité dans les écoles et les établissements du second degré publics et privés sous contrat (école, collège, lycée) d’accéder gratuitement aux collections permanentes des musées et monuments nationaux.»

How Do I Get a Pass Éducation?

You need to ask the secretary of your school to provide you with one. Sometimes, they’ll have them on hand. Other times they’ll need to order one for you. The only other thing you will need to provide for them is a passport photo to put on your ID.
How much Does a Pass Éducation cost? 

It absolutely free and doesn’t cost you anything! One important thing to note is that the Pass Éducation is only good for a school year. It is not really advertised, but do not hesitate to ask for one! It will save you a ton of money on tourism-related activities and is really a no-brainier.



11 thoughts on “TAPIF Tip/Lecteur Lesson: Get Yo’self a “Pass Education”

  1. “Secretary of your school” in France? I’m still trying to learn about the process, definitely interested in the Education Pass.. I have to wait till Orientation day to ask for it? is that it? Maybe I’m a little slow, just tryna get an understanding of it. Appreciate any help 🙂

  2. Some académies handed these out to assistants like candy and others (like mine) didn’t mention them at all. If I get to renew my contract, I’ll be sure to ask for one!

  3. Amazing! I enjoyed “jeune” privileges for about two months when I moved to France, and then France decided I was too old to benefit from free stuff even though I was just as broke as before. Thanks for sharing, I so need one of these!

      1. Sad day – the university administration said they don’t provide these and I’d have to go through the rectorat of the academie of Lyon. Le sigh.

      2. Sad times!! That sounds more like, “I’m just really lazy and don’t want to do my job. I’ll send it to someone else.” I bet the rectorat will have them, tho! It’s worth it!

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