American Road Trip to La Normandie, Le Mont Saint Michel, and La Bretagne

**Check out my friend Anne’s posts on our epic weekend here and here!**

It’s no secret that I love Normandy. But what I love even more than visiting Normandy is showing friends and family the best of Normandy. After completing the ultimate Normandy D-Day road trip back in December, three fellow Americans and I packed up our rental car and trekked back for more this past March.


Our first stop was Etrétat, with its epic falaises and beautiful seaside. Featured in the artworks of many famous artists (including Monet), this town is a must-see in France. We spent the afternoon hiking, taking photos, and soaking up the fresh air and sunshine.





After that, we hit the road again, crossed the epic (and expensive!) Normandy bridge connecting the two regions (Haute and Basse), and arrived a bit famished in Caen, where we met up with my expat friend, Mary, and enjoyed delicious fondue.



Saturday was all sunshine, and thank goodness, because we were spending the day at Mont Saint Michel, France’s second most-visited tourist attraction. Located one kilometer off the northwestern coast, Le Mont Saint Michel’s island commune is surrounded by high tides more often than not. We spent the entire day visiting the cathedral, abbey, and enjoying a picnic of sandwiches on the many available terraces!








After Mont Saint Michel, we decided to venture further to the town of Saint Malo, a medieval walled city in Bretagne!





On Sunday, before hitting the road and heading back to le nord, we stopped back at the American Cemetery as well as the 360 degree cinema in Arromanches.




I must admit, although I absolutely love my expat life and having expat friends, there was something special and familiar about spending the weekend with three other Americans. It’s a special feeling to share friendships and experiences with people who come from and understand both your native culture and adopted expat life in France.

Any other questions or recommendations in regards to an epic Normandy road trip? Leave a comment and check out the other provided links.



5 thoughts on “American Road Trip to La Normandie, Le Mont Saint Michel, and La Bretagne

      1. I’m always deterred by the weather – I go south every chance I get! But that’s a terrible excuse. I’ll have to get moving to the north soon!

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