2014 Blog Statistics Round-Up

You guys, I just need to say MERCI BEAUCOUP for reading and giving me a reason to keep this blog going. This past year has been an absolutely fantastic year in regards to growth. Looking back and analyzing statistics, I honestly cannot believe how much my blog has grown in regards to followers and readership. It is thanks to each and every one of you that I continue to have a reason to write. So, just like last year, I give you the best of 2014.

2014 View Summaries
2013: 6,218 total views
2014: 36,665 total views!!

2013: 17 views per day
2014: 101 views per day

2013: 52 Followers
2014: 254 Followers

Highest Country Views:
1. United States: 18,859 views
2. France: 10,000 views

Most Viewed Posts of 2014:
1. Differences Between the North and South of France
2. Going to the Cinema in France: VO vs VF

Posts With the Most Shares:
1. #VoicesHavePower
2. Cremaillère Upon Cremaillère Upon Cremaillère

Most Commented Post of 2014:
What’s Next for AsToldByDana (24 comments)

Most Popular Search Engine Terms of 2014:
1. “TAPIF Blog”
2. “Eleonore Pourriat”
3. “VF VO”

Most Popular TAPIF Tip/Lecteur Lesson Post:
1. How to Find Housing in France
2. How to Stay in France Legally After TAPIF

Again, this is all thanks to you! Thanks for reading!



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