Liège, Belgium

Known as the most francophile place in Belgium, Liège is conveniently situated on the Meuse River, linking crossroads to Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne. Liège gave the impression of being very “south-meets-north” and “old-meets-new.” Although a bit rustic due to its history and involvement with coal mining, Liège is also home to the largest and oldest Christmas Market in Belgium. The market includes approximately 200 chalets, selling everything from ornaments, to gastronomic specialties, to handmade souvenirs. The market attracts over 1.5 million visitors to Liège every year, and it did not disappoint.



An overview of a portion of the market


Libby enjoying lunch!

During the afternoon, Libby and I ventured to Montagne de Bueren. We walked down the 406 steps at snail pace, but only after taking in the panoramic view of the city. Curiously enough, people live on either side of these stairs, and there didn’t seem to be any other alternative way to enter the houses– those residence must have killer thighs!




What’s your favorite photo of Liège?



5 thoughts on “Liège, Belgium

  1. The stairs, definitely! They offer a natural workout every day. And I love the romance of living without elevators, although maybe not schlepping the groceries up them 😉

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