English Night

Approximately once per month, the lecteurs and lectrices at the FLLASH part of the Université de Valenciennes organize and host English Night at one of the local bars in town, encouraging all students to come speak English and hang out with native speakers.

This past week, English Night was last Thursday, and included a pub quiz. All the lecteurs informed our students of the event, and as a result we had a pretty fantastic turnout.

One of the biggest differences between being an assistante and being a lectrice is that, as a lectrice, I am much closer in age (if not the same age or in some cases, even younger) than some of my students. It is an interesting line to flirt with, as it is almost inevitable to run into your students around town and in bars or night clubs. In this case, we are purposely having drinks with students while encouraging conversations (in English), and this is definitely something I’ve never done before (especially when considering the cultural differences in regards to alcohol in both countries).

Overall, I enjoy English Night, and look forward to them every month. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page!

IMG_6972Lecteur Team 2014-2015. A beautiful group!




2 thoughts on “English Night

  1. I’ll be forever thankful for English Night as it’s where I met my husband. And they only have to do it once a month now? It used to be every week. I’ll have to tell my old flatmate (and former lectrice). I used to have to drag her whining and complaining self there. She hated the obligation of it.

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