Mons, Belgium

This past Saturday afternoon was spent in Mons, Belgium. A thirty-minute drive across the border from France, Mons had a slightly different (perhaps more Belgian?) feel. From the looks of the people and slightly different design of the buildings, it was obvious we weren’t in Kansas France anymore.

The city of Mons was put on the map during World War I, as the site of the first battle fought by the British Army. Unfortunately, they were brutally defeated. Mons was then taken over by the Germans, only to be liberated by the Canadians in 1918. Today, there are various war memorabilia and monuments strategically placed throughout the town. Mons was also destroyed via bombings between the Germans and Americans during World War II.



The Main Square of Mons is right in the city center. It is also where the town hall is located, as well as many bars and restaurants.




I love this building-block style of roofs in Belgium. 



Perhaps the biggest attraction in Mons is the Belfry, or Le Belfoi. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 1999, The Belfry is the only baroque-style building in Belgium reaching 87 meters tall.

Randomly, Mons has also been selected as the 2015 European Capital of Culture. What is your favorite photo of Mons?



9 thoughts on “Mons, Belgium

  1. Hello Dana! Just really reiterating what others have said but your blog on TAPIF has been extremely helpful and enjoyable to read. I’m currently an English assistant in Lunéville (Meurthe-et-Moselle) and I just had a question about OFII that I just can’t seem to find the answer too. I was told at the “stage” that Americans aren’t allowed to leave France until the completion of their visa ie the medical visit. I was asked to chaperone an excursion to Le Pays-Bas early November and I’d really like to go. Do you or anyone you know have any experience with this? Thanks again. Keep flying.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! glad you find the blog helpful!

      For the first three months (90 days) you are in France, you can travel freely around Europe. That is your right as a tourist. However, you should get your visa validated at OFII within the first three months (when they send your convocation in the mail with your appointment), and I would only advise not leaving France if your visa still isn’t validated after 90 days of arrival in France. Assuming you arrived mid to late September, you should be fine to go to the Netherlands in November as it will only be 2 months in. Have fun!

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