Dear Readers,
My cousin is currently interning for an organization called Break the Cycle, which focuses on teaching youth about dating abuse and healthy relationships. Check out their website at breakthecycle.org for more information. Break the Cycle has partnered with Verizon Hopeline and their campaign, entitled #VoicesHavePower. With every post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the website itself with the hashtag #VoicesHavePower, $3.00 will be donated to various organizations advocating for the ending of domestic abuse, including Break the Cycle. I am here as a feminist, human rights activist, blogger, and social media user to help spread the word. We need YOUR help to support this effort. Below, my cousin put together example posts and phrases to use directly on your social media channels. The content can be used for all major social media networks– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, and Tumblr.
  • Because voices have power. When you share a messages of hope tagged with #VoicesHavePower, Verizon Wireless’s Hope Line will donate $3.00 towards programs that work to end domestic violence. www.voiceshavepower.com

Twitter (Up to 140 characters)

  • Tag a msg of hope w/ #VoicesHavePower & @HopeLineVerizon will donate $3 to programs to end dating violence.


  • Through text message (Type a message of hope and send it to #94079)

Website (Up to 140 characters)

Sample messages

  • No one should speak up against domestic violence alone. I’m here to speak up with you. #VoicesHavePower
  • The path ahead may not be certain, but it will be better. I’m here to walk with you. #VoicesHavePower
  • Never tell yourself that you can’t. I’m here to tell you that you can. #VoicesHavePower
  • 1 in 3 teens will experience some form of dating abuse. I was one of those 3. You are not alone. #VoicesHavePower

I am hereby challenging all of my followers to simply tweet or post #Voiceshavepower on their next update. It’s quick, easy, and goes to a great cause. #VoicesHavePower



Let me know what you think!

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