My New House is Older than My Country

I have now, for the third time, successfully found housing in France. I felt much more confident this time around as I already had a phone number, knew the sites to search on, and knew which questions to ask. I knew what I needed specifically in a house (at least partially furnished, wifi, washing machine, my own room, centrally located, friendly landlords, and new roommates!)

So, I am now officially Valenciennoise. Interestingly enough, this house is full of history. Having been constructed in 1750, it is older than the United States of America. It is made mostly of wood beams and floors, as well as brick walls. It has 3 floors, a living room, kitchen, 2 toilets, full standing shower, 3 bedrooms, and a small courtyard. I would say the only downfalls are the thin floors and walls, and the lack of natural light during the day. My room is in the mezzanine, on the 3rd floor!


Our sitting area


Connecting to the kitchen


Kitchen and Courtyard


Fully equipped kitchen (lack of a dishwasher) and a washing machine! This is a big deal.


The second floor, leading up to the third


Ceiling Styles


My bedroom


My bedroom



I won’t deny it, I’m pretty stoked about this house. I live with another English Lecteur and a Scottish Assistante. There are others close by, and the train to Lille is only minutes away!



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