A Short Stay in Calais / Audembert

My French host family has a vacation home in a small, almost untraceable village in the north of France (seriously, there’s not even a boulangerie), about 12 kilometers from Calais and two kilometers from the sea (also the most northern part of France at only 30 kilometers from England!) With a few free days during the past week, I decided to take them up in their invitation and visit them for two days.


I spent two days clearing my head from the stress that is moving to a new city in a foreign country and beginning a new job. Apart from my stay in the desert and the northern woods of Wisconsin, the countryside of Calais was perhaps the quietest place I have ever spent the night. I spent two days surrounded my cows, horses, and hay bails, all whilst eating full French meals on the terrace, going on bike rides, walking along the seaside, and dipping my toes in the English Channel. On the clearest days, you can see England from France.





As a WWII junkie, I was surprised and equally delighted to learn that the sea-side and surrounding mountains in Calais are also full of German bunkers and war memorabilia. However, many of it has gone untouched, as the D-Day invasion happened in Normandy instead (but as this location is the closest to England, Generals had planned on the attack happening in Calais.)

On my way back to the train station, I was able to admire the famous Mairie of Calais as well as its port.



Have you ever been to Calais?



2 thoughts on “A Short Stay in Calais / Audembert

  1. Aha les Bourgeois de Calais by Rodin! I feel like there’s a copy of that sculpture at the Met. My teachers made us do a whole project on it in elementary school. Glad you enjoyed your stay. 🙂

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