Un Petit Coucou de Valenciennes!

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

The blog has been quiet, but I am back in France.

I wrapped up the rest of the summer in the states with working, packing, and seeing my friends and family. It was an emotional, fast departure– one filled with tears of both happiness and sadness, and with feelings of excitement and uncertainty. It was a summer of adjusting back to American culture and work-life style, with the lingering reality of having to go through the exhausting, emotional goodbyes and preparations, again. 

Regardless, I arrived four days ago in le nord (Valenciennes) via Chicago, to London, and then to Lille, where I was met at the train station by a friend of a friend (who has since become a friend of mine) and made our final train journey together to Valenciennes.



I had some time to kill at King’s Cross Station

During the past four days, things have been great, I am so happy to be here with nice people, and I am really excited to begin my job. I have found a place to live, met and socialized with several of this year’s lecteurs, traveled back to Lille, and gotten to know the town where I’ll be living and working. Tomorrow starts orientation week, as well as me trying to get my papers, documents, and visa authorization in order. I will be continuing weekly posts as soon as I have everything else organized (starting work, meeting with my boss, changing over my bank and phone plans, moving into my apartment, etc.) Until then, bare with me. I promise I’m still here!

Good luck to all future assistants who are making their way to France in the next couple of weeks!

A bientôt, mes liseurs.





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