Pre-depature Chaos: Ask Dana and Lauren

Bonjour Future TAPIFers! My friend Lauren and I are teaming up to answer your questions! As program alumnae we can leave you with a lot of insight. Leave your questions here or on Lauren’s site in the comments section of either post, and we will do our best to answer them within the next two weeks!



Quiche Lauren

New to TAPIF? Have questions you haven’t found answers to? Freaking out in pre-departure excitement and stress? Katy of the blog So You Think You Can France offered a similar question opportunity on her blog and I really appreciated it, so here’s returning the act. Dana and I are here to help you!  Post your questions here and in about two weeks, we’ll write a post with answers to your questions (or at least try).

Ask away!

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4 thoughts on “Pre-depature Chaos: Ask Dana and Lauren

  1. Lots and lots of questions, but these are the main ones I’ve come up with so far…

    1. How much cash would you recommend having on hand for arrival? Should I bring cash/travellers checks for rent and deposits?

    2. When you get your cell phone unlocked, what did you use during the transition between leaving the US and getting the new SIM card in Europe? I have an 18 hour layover in Iceland and want to make sure I will be able to use my phone (for instagram purposes…).

    3. I’ve read that a lot of landlords require a grantor…how did you get around this? Are there any legal/paperwork obstacles when it comes to finding a place to rent?

    4. How can I get a bank account without first having an address? Or, (I have a place where I am staying for a week and a half) can I use that as an address?

  2. Thank you so much for offering this! I would love more advice. So here are my questions:
    Would you recommend living alone or with roommates? If I have no teaching experience, is there anything I can do to prepare before I leave for France? How was living on the assistant salary–were you able to survive or was supplemental income necessary?

  3. I have a somewhat general question for you two: Was there anything that you didn’t think you’d need to bring until you were already over there? Does anything specific come to mind where either of you had a moment of “darn it I really should have brought [whatever].” be it clothes, paperwork, etc.

    And conversely, was there anything you brought with you that you didn’t end up needing at all and/or realized would be easier to just buy once you were in France?

    thanks! =)

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