Venezia, Italia

After hiking Cinque Terre, Venice was the last stop on our Italian adventure. We arrived very late in the night, so we really only had one complete day in the city. However, even after navigating the city in the dark, I knew I was going to love the city of Venice, and I was right!

Venezia, which hasn’t virtually changed at all in 600 years, is so jaw-droppingly beautiful and so unique. The city is actually a group of 118 small islands separated by water canals and connected by small, arched bridges. The city, which is actually slowly sinking, is also a World Heritage Site. The city dates back to 827, under the Doge family. In 1797, Venice was conquered by Napoleon. Eventually, Venezia became a part of Austria-Hungary before merging with Italy.

Our hostel in Venice was one of the worst I have ever stayed in, but with my budget and the expensive prices in Venice, we dealt with it for two nights and didn’t go back except for sleeping.

Water Taxi Ride

There are no cars in Venice, which means it is an extremely friendly pedestrian city. However, in order to get the best historic views of the city, Erin and I decided to take a one hour water taxi ride from one side of the city to the other.






 The Rialto Bride, aka the first and oldest bridge to connect the canals in Venice



Gondola Driver


Piazza San Marco

Erin and I descended the water taxi at Saint Mark’s Square, where we visited Saint Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace.




However I must say that my favorite parts of Venice were just walking around, shopping, sampling new restaurants, and getting lost between the various canals. Venice is truly a fairytale and a recommended visit to anyone.




Have you ever visited Venice? What was your favorite part? What should I see next time?



4 thoughts on “Venezia, Italia

  1. I went at the peak of summer in the year 2000. I had a good time, but even back then there were so many people and it was so hot that I felt overwhelmed.

    Venice is one city that I actually want to go back and see in the dead of winter. Not only because I think there will be less tourists, but because I have this dream of seeing it with snow covering it and with fog everywhere. There are a lot of mystery books set in Venice and I would love to live the atmosphere described in the books that I have read, but I associate winter these books (well, I guess fog and snow are more mysterious than the sun and 30 degrees).

    1. So true! Cities are so different at different times of the year! I’ve experienced Paris during all four seasons and it has a very different vibe, even though it is just as touristy.

      I felt overwhelmed in Rome and I wonder if I’d feel differently going at a different time of year

  2. I went to Venice in early Spring 2009, and it rained the entire time. Still, what a beautiful city! It sure does look even prettier in the sun! I don’t remember much of the trip now anymore to be honest. We just did a lot of wandering around and eating (to keep out of the rain). But I do remember us laughing over the fact that it took us a train, a bus, a plane, and a boat to get there!

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