Pisa, Italia

On our way to Cinque Terre from Firenze, Erin and I made a quick stop in Pisa in order to see the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa for ourselves.

The Torre di Pisa is situated in Pisa’s Cathedral Square alongside the Cathedral and the Baptistery. The tower began to tilt during construction, due to a too-soft foundation on one side of the ground. The tilt became more and more profound over the years, until the tower was eventually stabilized, somewhat correcting the tilt. Because of the tilting and attempts to correct it, the construction took 199 years, staring in 1173 and finally stabilizing the tower in 2008 (although it still moves a millimeter or so each year).

I must say that for a first impression, I thought the tower would have been taller! It’s still really awesome to see in person, however. I recommend packing a picnic for the terrace!




Have you ever been to Pisa?



2 thoughts on “Pisa, Italia

  1. Actually, Pisa was the first city in Italy I visited (I’ve only been to Italy once – in 2001). Of course, my group and I had to see the tower and we had pictures of us taken in front of it. Unfortunately, I don’t remember my impressions of the town or the tower.

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