Pompeii, Italy

During our time in Roma, we spiced things up with a day trip to see the ruins of Pompeii (and a few hours in Naples!) It was a lot of time on the train but this was one of the best things we did during our time in Italy.

Pompeii was a city constructed in the 6th-7th century BC, and then was completely destroyed in the volcano eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The city was buried under 13-20 ft of ash and rumble, and was not rediscovered or preserved until 1599. Today, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a very popular attraction in Italy, and contains the remains of this ancient city.

Erin and I splurged on a 12€ guided tour of the city and we are so glad that we did! Our guide was able to point out various homes, restaurants, shops, and even a brothel! I highly recommend a day trip to Pompeii during your time in Rome!









The Main Square with Mount Vesuvius



Me in the Moan Square


Next time, I would like to stay and climb Mount Vesuvius.
Erin and I topped off the day with a drink in Naples before heading back to Rome. Have you ever visited Pompeii?



Let me know what you think!

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