10 Reasons to do TAPIF

1. You are a Francophile looking for a way to spend seven months in France.
2. You have a teaching degree and want to teach abroad and speak some French
3. You want to see if teaching is for you, so TAPIF Is a great intro
4. You want to take some time to apply for grad school, study for an entrance exam, write your thesis, etc.
3. You want to live in Europe and will settle for France
4. You want a 12-hour work week, eight weeks of paid vacation and an easy excuse to travel within Europe
5. You want to eat cheese and baguettes, and drink wine
6. You want to meet a wide-range of international individuals and make lifelong friends.
7. You are looking for a meaningful way to spend a gap year.
8. You are looking for an exciting new challenge or career change.
9. You want to improve your French and knowledge of French culture
10. You want to become a global citizen

Other reasons? Comment Below 🙂



13 thoughts on “10 Reasons to do TAPIF

  1. Hi Dana! thank you so much for your very informative blog! I am applying in a couple of weeks and I would like to select Paris as my top choice because I spent five months there earlier this year. However, I’d like to see how the regions rank in terms of which ones are likely to help you find housing or pay for housing. You mentioned in an earlier blog that you did a lot of research on this—could you point me to the forums or blogs that you used to do this research?


    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment!

      I used a forum that unfortunately no longer exists! But the website is clear that Paris is expensive, and you wont be able to live on the salary alone.

      Nice was doable but nothing is provided for you. Lille academy is cheaper but not everyone has had housing provided ( though some have). I think Normandy and Amiens sometimes do, but honestly with a changing (read: weaker) economy

      1. I think that you could still participate even if you are a dual citizen. You can’t apply through the program, but the thing to do is to show up right before the school year gets started and apply as a recruté local at the rectorat. They always have people that cancel or don’t show up at the last minute. That’s how I ended up with a job – I sent them my CV at 9 PM one evening and at 9.30 AM the next morning I had a job as an assistant, no questions asked, no paperwork, no interview, just, “Do you want the job?” and that was it, I’m not joking.

      2. Oh wow, that takes some guts! However in order for me to do that, I’d have to move somewhere in France (er, where??) and I guess send my cv everywhere hoping they participate in the TAPIF program and uproot my life all over again. I’m not that adventurous. Job first, move second. 😀

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