End-Of-Contract Goodbyes and Celebrations

This past week was the end of my TAPIF experience and teaching contract. After Carnaval, my Secondes threw me a huge going away party. They all signed a t-shirt and bought me various gifts from the provencal region. It was really sweet how they organized this all by themselves and definitely made me realize the impact I had on students at Rouvière as the English assistant. I also received a very nice message and letter of recommendation from our proviseurs and colleagues.


Mes Secondes


Later that Friday evening, I had an awesome dinner with my colleagues, topped off with a bottle of rosé created by none other than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt themselves.



The week was then filled with three other goûters and goodbye parties at the high school, as well as final send-offs during the week with friends at Polyglot and karaoke. Some people also organized a large dinner, with awards! I was voted Most Blonde and Prof Pour La Vie. Finally, the families I tutor provided me with gifts and dinners. I think I made four different batches of banana bread for my students to taste this last week. Also, have I mentioned that I am really, really bad at goodbyes? I hardly ever cry on the spot, but I am so awkward and I hate doing them.


Samedi fête


Polyglot crew


Wine o’clock- the family I tutor has a wine cellar with over 1000 bottles in their basement


Final awards dinner on Wednesday night



Mes collocs- Une vraie auberge Espagnole


My Terminale students above and below



Last week Thursday I moved my suitcases to a friend’s house, returned my keys to the apartment, and said Adieu to Toulon as I boarded my train to Paris. Happily, I will be back at the end of the month and have been enjoying this past week chaperoning my mother’s high school French class around Paris relaxing with friends in Normandy, while applying and interviewing for jobs. Don’t worry, this blog is still active, and I still have plenty of things to say. Just stay with me as I figure out my future and enjoy my last days with friends.



Let me know what you think!

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