Café Polyglot

I’ve written in quite a few posts about weekly Monday rendez-vous at Café Polyglot. Originally a language conversation event on Couchsurfing that my friend Maria and I found last October, Café Polyglot is located within the winding streets of centre ville, and quickly became overrun by assistants, expats, and newly re-located Frenchies by mid-November. There’s cheap wine and beer, free eats, and lots of different languages spoken! Although you don’t always see every assistant all the time, without a doubt, most come to check in on Monday nights at Café Polyglot. We’ve all become quite close with the owners, and they have gladly let us host birthday soirées, various goûters such as Galette des Rois, and the German farewell at the end of March.

Tonight was the last Polyglot rendez-vous that everyone would be at for a while. It was quite sentimental in the sense that everyone knew and everyone was sad, but no one really wanted to talk about it. So, we just listened to music, danced, took lots of photos, and focused on the now. We were happy. The owners, sensing our tristesse, provided extra free hors d’oeuvres for us that night, and even through in a few bottles of wine.

I’m really going to miss this fantastic group of people, and this even more amazing experience as a teaching assistant in the south of France. I am so greatful for Polyglot and the connections and friends it’s helped me to gain during my time here.





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