Well, after experiencing Carnaval de Nice, I got to experience Carnaval à la Rouvière at the high school where I work today!

Carnaval is typically held ten days before Easter, and the students and staff alike arrive in costumes (they have been talking about their déguisements since November.) There was also a flashmob organized on YouTube, and then during the afternoon, we had one big costume party!

Carnaval reminded me a bit of American Homecoming Spirit Week, mais à la française, bien sur.


With two of my students and colleagues, Julie and Justine


Fellow colleagues at Rouvière




Some of my Seconde students


He had music and everything!


My Terminale students






Fellow Profs d’anglais


My other set of Terminale students


The ladies of Grease, and a cow girl



I cannot believe that next week is my last week of work. I am going to miss my school, my colleagues, my job, and my students.



4 thoughts on “Carnaval

  1. (Disclaimer: sorry for the lack of accents in this post!) It’s so neat to hear Carnaval is really celebrated in a big way where you are. In February I taught my students about Carnaval in Quebec…but I hadn’t seen timely pics from France. The Mario pic, in particular is funny. Seems people in the U.S. and France alike are still fascinated with him…hopefully your students haven’t gotten any ideas from the Remi Gaillard video of his Mario escapade! Bonne continuation, et bon retour! Feel free to check out my blog on French music ( !

    1. Haha oh my gosh, I love Rémi Gaillard! He’s so funny! Yeah, I loved Carnaval in Nice (link in the post) and seeing my students have fun with it was great, too!

      I will check out your blog for sure!

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. My first “personalised itinerary” clients have just arrived in Nice for a few days. They are loving it and they absolutely loved Paris. I am relieved that they enjoyed Paris, I would hate to hear from clients that they did not like Paris and would never go back.

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