BACCHUS Fête des Vins

Last weekend, Toulon hosted its very own wine tasting, with over 150 different vendors from all around France. For only 4€, you purchased a wine glass (to keep) and had the right to taste as many different vendors as you wanted, for as long as you wanted! They also sold cheese and bread alongside the wine, in order to accordingly correspond. I decided to check it out with one of my roommates, Chris, and a few other assistants this past Sunday.

My Canadian friend Sibohan, and me.




Your spit bucket- if you’re a “real wine taster” you don’t actually drink the wine. Instead, you slurp it and swivel it in order to get the taste, and then you spit it out into the bucket. My friend does a great post on wine tastings here. Me? I enjoy tasting the wine all the way down into my bloodstream. Sometimes I like the after effects it has on me.

Have you ever been to a French wine tasting?



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