France- Where I’ve Been

One of my goals for TAPIF was to see more of France- I’ve definitely made a dent and accomplished that goal! Today I marked all of the cities I’ve spent time in (or will have spent time in by the time I leave at the end of May! Read: Corsica). I’ve realized that while I’ve made quite a dent, there is still always going to be so much more to see and explore. France is a truly beautiful and diverse country, and I’m so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to live here twice! As you can see, my heavily traveled regions are Paris, Normandy, and La Côte d’Azur. Next, there is a bit of Brittany, the Rhônes-Alps, and the Loire Valley sprinkled in. Finally, the cities of Lille and Strasbourg are hidden respectively in the north and east, with the island of Corsica misplaced and hidden on the bottom left corner of the photo.

For more information, be sure to check out my new page, France Travels, in order to read about each of these cities.




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