Nîmes, France

After spending this past weekend seeing Stromae in Montpellier, I along with three of my friends, decided to take the train twenty minutes north to the city of Nîmes after leaving Montpellier on Sunday. I was very excited to see the famous arena as well as to meet my TAPIF blogger friend, Lauren of Quiche Lauren, in person!


It was a great day and Lauren was a fabulous host. After leaving our bags at her adorable apartment, she took us all around the city and showed us her personal favorite sites, as well as clued us in on the historical significances of Nîmes as a city. For instance, its symbol is a crocodile! Additionally, the Arène de Nîmes (the Nîmes’ Arena) is the most well-preserved Roman arena in the world, and this includes the arenas in Arles and Orange as well as the Colosseum in Rome! Nîmes was a huge part of the Roman Empire, even though it is located in France. I loved learning about the different gladiator outfits worn during fights in the arena. Additionally, did you know that people sat in the arena according to their rank in society? Overall, my favorite part about Nîmes was wandering around in the gardens; it was such a sunny, beautiful day!


Sweet building Lauren showed us


The fountain


Arène de Nîmes  


Cathédrale de Nîmes  


Jardin de Nîmes


Naked Woman Tree


Maison Carrée-  leftover and preserved Roman ruins


Inside the arène

Nîmes is such a quaint little city, and having Lauren show us around was the perfect way to end a fabulous weekend in the Languedoc region of France (which is where Majorité Opprimée was filmed.)



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