Stromae Concert in Montpellier, France

Last Friday, seven of my assistant friends (2 Americans, 2 Canadians, 2 British, and 1 Spanish) and myself went to see Stromae in concert in Montpellier!  If you do not know who Stromae is, I highly recommend you check out some of my Musique Mercredis, here, here, and here in order to get a taste of some of his songs. Stromae, which is verlain (backwards or reversed) for Maestro, or Music Master in Italian, is literally the hottest and most popular singer in the French-speaking world right now. He is also very well-known throughout Europe. When I studied abroad in Caen in 2010, a new song called Alors On Danse (So We Dance) was released by a new, unknown singer (Stromae). After returning to France three-and-a-half years later, I am amazed to see how much his popularity has grown since then.

After some intense Google searching and networking, all of us landed 34€ standing tickets. The majority of our group took an earlier train, but since my Canadian friend and I had to work late, I had the other ladies take my suitcase with them, and then took a train that left around 4h00 and arrived around 6h30 so we could head straight to the concert. To our dismay, the train broke down on the train tracks for about 30 minutes, and then was delayed until about 7:20 PM, and our concert started at 8 PM! Luckily, a random girl around our age was on the same train as us and was going to the same concert, so she gave us a lift in her car, so we were right on time!

The things that surprised me most about French concerts was how much more civilized they are compared to American concerts, especially with my own personal comparisons at The Rave (Ke$ha) and Summerfest. There was no moshing in the center where we were standing, which was amazing, and made it much more fun and comfortable. (A tall girl behind me even offered to take some pictures for me, since I couldn’t always see very well!) Additionally, no one is black out drunk or obnoxious either, which again, made the concert a more comfortable environment. Many more people stay in their seats during concerts, even for upbeat performers like Stromae, and there is also no merchandise for sale, which I found odd ! Keep scrolling for my pictures of Stromae!



20140331-232025.jpg 20140331-232041.jpg 20140331-232052.jpg


We stayed in Montpellier for two nights at an AirBnB apartment rental. We spent Saturday exploring the city of Montpellier! It is a vibrant, upbeat city, full of young people and students!







 20140331-232915.jpg 20140331-232925.jpg





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