I turned 24 last Sunday, March 16th.


Four years ago, I celebrated my 20th birthday in France, surrounded by new friends and a French family whom still treats me as one of their own. This was the birthday, and the year, and the semester, that changed the course of my life. I realized that I could be happy, even if it was on the other side of the world. I realized I could live an expat life of travel, even if I had to build my own network of supporters and fellow expats in Twitter. I realized that wanting to travel and live abroad, and not wanting to buy things such as a car or an apartment really weren’t that far fetched.

Four years later, I am (finally!) home… back in France, celebrating my 24th birthday, still surrounded by my new group of expatriate friends. We introduced all of our European friends to the concept of American Brunch. I must say, many were horrified by the idea of me placing quiche, bread, pasta salad, fruit, and pizza all on the same plate at the same time, and then eating all if these things at the same time (but remember the French eat a little differently— and perhaps more sophisticatedly!) Afterwards, we all wandered to the beach, enjoyed some wine, and finally returned back to my apartment for cake. Overall, a wonderful day had by all.





Brunch time!


Kathryn telling Chris to stay out of the way.


Enjoying a meal on our balcony!


I must say, I prefer birthday cakes in France.


I much prefer French birthday cakes







In France, it is tradition for the birthday person to have flour thrown on him or her. Thankfully this didn’t happen to me!



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